summer evening school

Intenzivní kurz angličtiny v letní podvečery v Jindřichově Hradci


Týdenní intenzivní kurz pro opakování a poznávání tematických slovíček a vylepšení schopnosti konverzace v anglickém jazyce. Vhodné alespoň pro úroveň A2/B1 v anglické konverzaci – většina rozhovorů a výuky bude v anglickém jazyce, čeština se bude používat jen v krajní nouzi.

Datum: 8. – 12. července 2024
Lektorka: Bc. Kateřina Gálová
Místo: Jindřichův Hradec
Určeno pro: pokročilé studenty na úrovni A2/B1
V čase: 16:30 – 19:00
Cena: 2 500


Getting to know each other and a topic of travelling


  • introductions, about us, our lives and families
  • talk about work, studies, our past and out future
  • weather, favourite things we have

Guess Who?

  • one will become ‘IT’ and others ask questions to guess who ‘IT’ is
  • one will describe who they are and others guess what the other is describing

Never Have I Ever

  • we will ask each other questions, answering with ‘I Have’ and ‘I Have Not’, sometimes giving more information on the question


  • states and nationalities
  • roleplay situations -> at the hotel, at the airport, guide and giving directions
  • famous places, living abroad, sights
  • comparison of countries, weather, cultures, history…

Fame, famous people, film and theatre, book and stories


  • new vocabulary, genres (also to books, theatre, etc.)
  • what films do people like, what we watch and what we don’t watch
  • film industry, films from different countries
  • same about theatre, books and stories


  • who we like, who are famous
  • who do you know from your country and from abroad
  • how to become an actor
  • same for other topics – theatre, books, stories
  • watching a part of a film/play, some part of the Oscars – distinguish between British and

American English

  • interview where one is a famous person on a press conference and from question we guess who the person is
  • making up our story, or a continuation to a story we already know


  • eating, food vocabulary, cooking, baking
  • revision and new vocabulary of food, ingredients and eating traditions
  • cuisines, traditional food and unusual food
  • favourite recipes (describing them)
  • what we eat and what we don’t eat
  • roleplay situation eating home, at a restaurant, ordering a take out, ordering a coffee
  • eating customs in other nations
  • guess where the food is from
  • healthy and unhealthy food
  • a guide around street food markets in different countries

    DAY 4
    Travelling in time, space and alternative realities

    • words and phrases for using past and future (predictions)
    • making opinions and creating our own scenes in different times and realities
    • travelling to past and future
    • travelling to alternative futures to create a survival game (we will play the SCP survival game, how to survive different scenarios of world catastrophes, etc.)
    • talking about living in past as well as living in future
    • this day will be a little bit more challenging to create scenes by ourselves and using some tactics and strategies in English language
    • quizzes and teamwork to try and go through quizzes of survival in different scenarios

    DAY 5
    A Travel Guide

    • we will learn and revise prepositions of space, directions and vocabulary of different places in a town
    • specifically focusing on Jindřichův Hradec, trying to describe certain directions to practice

    Travel guide

    • go to the town centre and the castle
    • describe buildings, talk in English
    • use some information we know about J. H. and tell it to others
    • at the end of the day we will go back and say our goodbyes 

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