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Test z angličtiny ZDARMA

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1. What  ___ your name?

 2. How old ____ you?

3. Where ___ you live?

4. I ___ a dog.

5. I ___ my homework yesterday.

6. Where ____ your mother at the weekend?

7. It was a boring weekend. ________ anything.

8. Matt ______ while we were having dinner.

9. Jim is on holiday. He ____ to Italy.

10. Sarah has lost her passport. It’s the second time this _______.

11. He ______ swim when he was a child.

12. Are you used to ____ English?

13. Cathy was sitting in an armchair resting. She was tired because _______.

14. That suitcase looks heavy. ________ you with it.

15. We are late. The film _______ by the time we get to the cinema.

16. The fire spread through the building very quickly, but fortunately everybody ______.

17. If I were rich, ______ a yacht.

18. The view was wonderful. If  ______ a camera with me, I would have taken some photos.

19. I _____ an interview because I´d worked there before.

20. I´m seeing Dr Evans next week. That ______ be right. He´s on holiday then.

21. Are you sure the match starts at 5?

22. Let´s listen to this new CD.

23. I can´t have seen him.

24. Hello, I´d like to speak to Mr Green, please.

25. May I call you later?

26. If you have _____ time, let me know.

27. I hate ______ newspapers such as Blesk.

28. I had _____ a bad earache that I had to go to the doctor.

29. Try spreading something low fat _____ your bread insted of butter.

30. I think you need to ____  your ideas more clearly so that people don´t get confused.

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